About Packer Brick

Packer Brick, Inc. has been in business for over fifty years. V.J. Packer started the family business by hauling in brick from Mexico and selling it in the Houston area during the early 1950s. He moved the business to Dallas and began selling used “antique” brick as well. As the business grew in the ’60s, the company began importing antique brick from Chicago and Oklahoma.

In 1968, Jerry Packer took over the business. Packer Brick continued selling Mexican and antique brick exclusively to residential home builders in the North Dallas market.

Brett Packer joined the business in 1985, just in time to experience the collapse of the housing market in the late ’80s. That collapse turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it allowed the company to begin selling manufactured brick from across the U.S. Jerry and Brett added Brian Luff as Vice-President of Sales in 1995 and the company has continued to grow into the 21st Century and now services homebuilders and remodelers in all of North Central Texas.

Since moving into their 15,000 square foot warehouse in Garland in 2005, the company now sells a wide variety of products including natural stone, thin veneer stone and brick, masonry fireplace products, and many other masonry products such as mortar and brick cleaners.

Packer Brick is proud of the relationships they have built over the years with their manufacturing partners and customers alike. While they no longer sell Mexican brick, Packer Brick is one of the few independent distributors in the United States that continue selling antique brick and pavers. They are members of the Brick Industry Association and the DFW Brick Council. They support the Green Building Initiatives that are taking place across the country today and practice recycling themselves.

Packer Brick hopes you will find this website useful. Let them show you why their motto is “Custom Brick for Custom Homes”.